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Introducing 'SMALL', the Alternative to CRUD

It's time for change in programming frameworks. "CRUD" is, at best, an archaic approach to manipulating data. And furthermore, it's a very negative word; I personally choose to have positive associations with development processes and frameworks.

Don't use; A lesson in terrible user experience programming...

I recently attempted to create an invitation using evite, and after 20 minutes, my invitation had been deleted and I had to start over.  Evite's website has really only a couple flaws, but they are absolutely fatal, and will be the death


Numismia? I think I contracted that when I was in college…

No, “numismia” is not a disease (in fact, I don’t even think it’s a word).  And no, I did not go to college.  Numismatics, which is a word, however,  is the study of rare coins.  I do that.

My American 1880 G$1 Gold Dollar has arrived!

This is an INCREDIBLY rare coin with only 1,600 minted, and I am happy to have one!  Take a look at the beautiful pics I have of this coin...

Powell Coins - a Lifelong Passion for History, Art, and Rarities

Introducing the Numismatic Database

Search the numismatic database for coin information, historical auction data and more.

Real Estate

Imminent real estate crash…

Believe it or not, there is a real estate crash coming - the indicators are all there.  But don't worry, there is a strategy for everyone that will help you benefit instead of suffer from this event.

It's happening; real estate sales are decreasing rapidly.

Beware the downturn of the real estate market!  Prepare yourself for what's coming now, or else...

Real Estate is EVERYTHING

Build wealth, passive income and happiness by investing in real estate. There is no other investment that gives such great return on investment with such little risk.

Shipping Container Homes - Live richly, cheaply.

How do I build a shipping container home? Where do I purchase a shipping container from? These questions and more answered here...