Perspectives / Numismatics

Numismia? I think I contracted that when I was in collegeā€¦

No, “numismia” is not a disease (in fact, I don’t even think it’s a word).  And no, I did not go to college.  Numismatics, which is a word, however,  is the study of rare coins.  I do that.

The words created to define/describe one’s hobbies are truly entertaining, such as: numismatist (coin collector), philatelist (stamp collector), bibliophilist (book collector) and others… if you put them together, it sounds like you’re describing some deranged creature from the bottom of the ocean who is perverted, and terminally ill.


I really enjoy collecting rare coins, but it’s hard to explain why.  I guess I appreciate things that are rare, unique, significant, and connected to a past that is long gone.  I am still in my early stages of collecting, but I have some very interesting historical and rare pieces.  I will share some of them on this blog in due time.