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My American 1880 G$1 Gold Dollar has arrived!

UPDATE: PCGS just announced that they are now provided "prooflike" designations to gold dollar coins. I have a few I will be sending in. Looking forward to the results!

American gold dollars are such unique pieces of history.  I mean, imagine walking up to a business deal for say, a cow, and flicking a small gold coin on the table; "Deal, partner!"

And the mintages on this series are SO LOW!  I really believe that the gold dollar is a "sleeper."  Meaning, these coins are undervalued and will become more popular (and expensive) with time.  In fact, the Grey Sheet publication just wrote an article to this effect:

"Focus on Gold $1 Dollar and $3 Princess Series". If you can find it, it's an interesting read.

So, I just picked this up and it's a great step towards working on my gold dollar collection.  It's graded MS 65 by PCGS, which is incredible for a coin that is 136 years old!  But, I think it's under-graded.  Without a doubt, the coin has mirror-like fields and should get a DMPL (Deep Mirror Proof-Like) or DPL (Deep Proof-Like) grade.  I will be sending it in for a re-grade, and hope that it gets graded accurately.

I only have about a half dozen of the coins in the series so far, but am looking forward to picking up a couple more in the next few months.

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