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The future of digital agencies is a journey, not a destination.

If you run a search for “future of agencies,” you’ll get many, many results of articles that contain claims from various authors regarding their opinion of what “the” future of digital advertising agencies is.

And, they are all wrong.

There is no single future for the world of advertising, websites, social media and the like. It will continually evolve and shift and divert; sometimes in ways we can predict, but quite often not.

This creates an incredible challenge for agencies; the challenge of continually evolving at a pace that is not seen in other industries.

They key here is to continue to learn and share as a community. To promulgate your ideas in exchange for receiving other’s.

That’s why I am working to re-launch my community website for The Future of Agencies - designed to support the never-ending journey of evolving in communications, creativity and technology.

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