Numismatist, Rare Coin Dealer

Define Numismatist

Someone who specializes in numismatics - the study of and dealing in rare coins.

Coin Collecting Since Age 4

Ever since I was a wee lad, I would collect coins, rocks and all sorts of things... I have pictures of myself at a very young age, collecting pebbles from the beach and placing them in a cup that my mother was patiently holding. I also will never forget the fascination I would have when my parents would take me to the neighborhood coin shop to browse - it was difficult, though, because my budget to buy rare coins was about $1.00 per visit back then. And naturally, nothing that I purchased was really an investment. Nonetheless, the fascination never died, and in fact it grew with age!

Coin Dealer Since 2016

As an adult, I significantly ramped up my time and financial investment in rare coin collecting. Once my collection had reached what I felt was critical mass, I decided to setup my own coin dealer business, Powell Coins, and built a shop so customers can buy rare coins online from my rapidly growing inventory.