and rare coin dealer.

Define Numismatist

Someone who specializes in numismatics - the study of and dealing in rare coins.

What is a numismatist?

A numismatist is someone who studies and is a specialist in rare coins and currencies.

According to Wikipedia, the word origin of "numismatics" is, "of coins"; from Late Latin numismatis, genitive of numisma".

Numismatists are experts in more than just coins.

It is often debated what the scope of numismatics is. The reality is that most numismatists aren't just experts in rare coins; they are also experts in bank notes, foreign currencies, and often jewelry and antiques.

Local vs. world numismatists:

In the United States, you will mostly find numismatists who are experts in coins and currencies that are minted only within the United States. However, there are also coin experts that study coins from around the world, and even coins from ancient times.

What is the difference between a numismatist, a coin dealer and a coin collector?

Generally speaking, anyone who deals in coins is also a numismatist and a collector.

However, it is possible to deal in coins without being either a numismatist or collector. But, most people believe that in order to become a successful coin dealer you must also be an expert numismatist. And of course, the most effective way to start learning numismatics is to start collecting coins. Hence, the three labels tend to all go hand-in-hand. And, anyone who you meet that is serious about coins is most likely a numismatist and a collector.